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I’m Ella. I am a Communication Designer. I’ve just finished my bachelor thesis in which my partner Mira Carstens and I were designing a desktop and iPad app that helps to improve the efficiency of meetings. This is some of my work!
Donation campaign

An organ donation campaign based on psychological convincing techniques and detailed target group analysis.
Car Magazine

A self written and photographed magazine and application about the waste of cars we produce.

How can we discover history in a more realistic way and what happened in our direct surrounding? An app working with augmented reality.
Annelyn Angenent

The website and corporate design for goldsmith Annelyn Angenent from Leiden.
Moving Poster

Posters nowadays don’t necessarily have to be static. A movement can add a lot of extra tension and catch peoples’ attention.
Fotography Museum

This was an advertising poster design for the Fotography Museum Amsterdam (Foam).
Amsterdam Vertelt

A magazine that conntects old and young inhabitants of different quarters of Amsterdam.
Leidse Schouwburg

A typographical solution for the theater programme for the oldest theater of the netherlands.
Marvel Watch

How does a watch work and how is it being produced? A detailed information brochure that tells you everything you need to know about watches.
Ella Charlotte Wortmann
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