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My name is Ella. I´m 23 years old and currently finished my B.A. in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd in South Germany. My bachelor thesis is about a desktop online tool that makes meetings more efficient.
I love to design things that stand out in terms of usability and cleverness and that surprise people in a good way. During my internship in the Netherlands I discovered my interest for strong colors that catch peoples’ attention.The first things that come to my friends minds when thinking about my talents however are furnishing rooms, eating a lot, learning languages and being an optimist through and through. Besides that I am addicted to dogs, kiwi’s, good old fashioned music, analogue photography & the dutch Hagelslag. Within the design sector my favorite disciplines are Interface-, UX/UI- and Editorial Design.
Ella Charlotte Wortmann
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