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Amsterdam Vertelt
The Fotography Museum Amsterdam initiated a series of four magazines that each were about one special quarter of Amsterdam. The aim was to especially connect the inhabitants of the different parts of the city so that older and younger generations living in the same area could get to know each other. They formed small working groups so that for example one older and one younger participant worked together and wrote a text or took photos.
I mainly worked on the illustration of the map in the last magazine which was about Amsterdam Zuid (South). It should give the reader an overview of the quarter with all of the most important places. Besides that I was responsible for adding most of the other content where I mainly had to consider the design of the older versions.
On the publication day we were in Amsterdam and it was truly beautiful to see how many friendships have been built up because of that magazine that I worked on, too. Although this was the last magazine of the Amsterdam Vertelt series I think it was a great experience for all of the participants and initiators.
Ella Charlotte Wortmann
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