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Organ donation campaign

Everyone’s being confronted with various campaigns everyday. Some of them want to call on us to register for potential organ donation. We keep none of the existing campaigns in our mind. But why? We created a campaign based on psychological knowledge to help us convincing people and constantly staying present in their daily environment. It contains a total of six phases:
01. attention (video)
02. trust (posters)
03. speed-up (flyers)
04. credibility (website)
05. decision (organ donor card)
06. action (social media)
Furthermore we analysed different target (language-)groups and designed eyecatching videos fitting to each one group. That means that people of higher education for example are approached in a different way than people of lower education. We strictly considered those rules in order to generate the perfect video to catch peoples’ attention.
Project partner: Lea Bischopink, Maike Hummel
Ella Charlotte Wortmann
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