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Car Magazine
“A new one again?” That’s the title of this Editorial project. And it’s not about relationships.. or at least no relationships between two persons. It is about the circuit that all of our cars are going through and the different stations we experience with our cars. Buying a brand new car often feels like love at first sight and we spend a lot of money to get exactly what we want. However after a while we appreciate the once expensive car less and are longing for a new model again. Our cars stay at the junkyard although often they still work perfectly fine. So why do we throw away functioning cars? Because of the scrap bonus. Within the magazine we are referring to the sometimes abstruse similarities between relationships between humans and humans and their cars.
In addition we designed an application for tablet that uses the advantages of mobile devices by giving the user the possibility to scroll through the whole archive of photos. Still one can read all of the articles. We took all of the photos and wrote all of the texts by ourselves.
Project partner: Maike Hummel
Ella Charlotte Wortmann
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